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A Shout out to WOODCRAFT magazine (for shouting out the kids' furniture book)

Check out the Feb/March 2019 issue of Woodcraft magazine. Great link on their website to free plans for building the Cheery Cherry toy chest from "Building Unique and Unusual Kids' Furniture" book.  More great articles on "Router Table Trickery," "A Hacker's Guide to Hand Planes" and more


Spike's Projects

"Houdini" levitating wine bottle holder

This may perhaps be the simplest gift project of all time. You need 1 x 6 x 12" board, drill, jigsaw and about 1/2 hour of time (maybe a little more on your first one.) Instead of giving just a bottle of wine, give a magical bottle!

Uncle Bob's Table

Uncle Bob’s Table. A Craftsman-style side table with decorative cutouts made using a drill and jigsaw. To keep it super simple you can even use store-bought discs for the table top and bottom shelf. (From Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects)