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“Books Say Holidays Best”; a win-win-win thing

Happy cyber-book-Monday! Workman Publishing (in conjunction with my publisher) is running a WorkmanHoliday2015_1200x900_VF promotion. If you go to the link listed below and type HOLIDAY into the promo code box you’ll get 20% off. PLUS they donate a copy of their “Good & CHeap” cookbook to a person or family in need. Sort of a win-win-win thing. The link is

CABIN LESSONS launch (save the date!)

Spike will be launching his latest book, Cabin Lesson: Building our Dream Cottage from 2x4s, Blisters and Love  (Storey Publishing), May 6th,  7:00 at the Stillwater Public Library, 224 Third St. N., Stillwater

The weird thing is Spike will not  be building anything during this presentation; the library felt constructing a cabin in the meeting room would cause too much ruckus. But he will talk about some of the characters and events in the book, and discuss why writing a memoir is—well—weird.

Books will be available through Valley Booksellers. There will be a get together at the Carlsen’s afterwards. All are invited. Please save the date and help spread the word.