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A SPLINTERED HISTORY OF WOOD — still growing like a weed

Posted: 10/4/2021 9:57:52 AM

"A Splintered History of Wood" came out in hardcover in August, 2009. I reckon that's about a dozen years ago. But peoples' interest in wood never seems to fade—especially with some great new offerings like Richard Powers' "The Overstory" and Peter Wohllben's "The Hidden Life of Trees."

I'll be giving a presentation based on A SPLINTERED HISTORY, Saturday, Oct. 9th at 10:30 at the Delano Library (in Delano, Minnesota). I'll have my wood cowboy hat, wood pipe and a bunch of tall tales in hand—so swing by The Delano Library, There's an art show going on too, so check it out. And we'll be building a simple Houdini bottle rack