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Posted: 2/8/2022 12:06:21 PM

I was recently contacted by Shepherd.com shepherd about a unique website they've developed for connecting authors with book lovers (and book browsers.) They ask authors to write up a short synopsis of their book and then ask them to list five books they love related to their book. The folks at Shepherd explain (below):

 Shepherd is like wandering around your favorite bookstore but reimagined for the online world. We make book browsing fun and all the recommendations are made by authors, experts, and creators.

.. or like "wandering around your favorite library." I love the concept. When I'm researching a book, I often visit the library, pick out a specific book related to that topic, then browse the shelves and above, below and around that book. The surrounding books often lead to fabulous new ideas and directions.

Check them out here. You can browse topics ranging from "The best soul music books" (89 are listed) to "The best books on traditional woodworking." It's fun!! (and a little addicting.)