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Why is Spike smiling so broadly (and dressed so sharply?)


He’s  proud of the “Viking Long Table” he built and designed for The Family Handyman magazine. You can find all the step-by-step directions on how to build it in the April 2018 issue of the magazine.


It’s based on the table he built his own backyard several years ago; upon which he and Kat have hosted many a fine feast (mostly revolving around pizza!) Info on how to build the benches and other great stuff can be found on the magazine’s website at


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  1. Scott R.

    I am having a hard time finding Douglas Fir for this project, even at Lowes as suggested in the article. They only carry “White Fir”. Would this be ok to use for this project? Do you suggest another wood without going to an expensive premium?

    • Spike Carlsen

      Hello-Try a full service lumberyard in your area; they’re more likely to carry it since structurally it’s stronger and sometimes construction projects are specc’d out that way. Also check the stamps on longer lengths; you may find DF. Good luck with your project!!

  2. Richard Austin

    Love the Viking table. Please tell me how stained it.

    • Spike Carlsen

      I built it and the art director had it stained. They used a semi-transparent stain that offered good protection yet let the grain show through. Cheers. Spike

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