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“Books Say Holidays Best”; a win-win-win thing

Happy cyber-book-Monday! Workman Publishing (in conjunction with my publisher) is running a WorkmanHoliday2015_1200x900_VF promotion. If you go to the link listed below and type HOLIDAY into the promo code box you’ll get 20% off. PLUS they donate a copy of their “Good & CHeap” cookbook to a person or family in need. Sort of a win-win-win thing. The link is


Does this look familiar to anyone (or is it only me?)HOW I SPEND MY TIME

“A Splintered History of Wood” makes it into a medical journal

Every once in a while, something cool, unexpected and meaningful happens with something you’ve written. In this case it’s an article written by Dr. William Spinelli that ran in the Sept. issue of “Mayo Clinic Proceedings.” He pulls a quote from “A Splintered History of Wood” and uses the concept of heartwood as the starting point for a discussion on the role of “elder physicians.” A true honor to be included in this article; one with much broader application than the title suggests. Here it is.TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-1 (dragged) TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-2 (dragged) TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-3 (dragged) TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-4 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-2 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-3 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-4 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-1 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-2 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-3 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-4 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-1 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-1 (dragged)TurningPhysiciansintoHeartwood_final copy-2 (dragged)tu full filetu full filetu full filetu full filetu full file